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It’s Science Foo, you fool!

I got a very exciting invitation yesterday (actually discovered it in my SPAM folder… eek!). There’s a yearly event (now in it’s third year), called Science Foo Camp. In short, it’s a multidisciplinary unconference focused on innovation in science and technology. Doing a Connotea search on scifoo gives you a whole host of chatter about the first two meetings, some of which has me in a lather. I’m particularly excited about this opportunity, because it might present me with the forum to talk about some of the deeper challenges with OpenMRS and serving the underserved as we grow our community. Perhaps I’ll also have a forum to talk about the challenges related to clinical informatics in general: data normalization and aggregation, community-wide decision support, using clinical data retrospectively for pharmacovigilance and quality improvement, and evolving from clinic-centric records into personal health records, etc.

Maybe, just maybe, someone will be at this conference who will provide us with the activation energy to do some of the really cool projects we’ve all dreamed of doing.

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